About Us

The group of Zestier Infotech came into being with the discussion of some persons one day to help and serve themselves and the people around them.

These persons had interests in human wellness products, SMEs and financial markets, and people networks with their aim to help others to their maximum capacity.

World demands two things that are of prime importance to everyone: health & Prosperity. But unless one is healthy, he can’t b prosperous. With the evolution of sedentary lifestyles and habits, the world has become prone to diseases and sickness. With these ideas and interests and to cater to the health needs of people all around, these persons realized of doing something to improve the quality of life and to make life more easy and comfortable.

With the insight of these views, Zestier Infotech came into its existence.

Zestier Infotech has its main aim to provide people a chance to improve and enjoy good health and improve means of healthy living through its wellness products while making wealth through a series of simple and effective online marketing strategies through the network marketing platform.

Zestier Infotech promotes wellness and means of healthy living via its effective and efficient wellness products. Customer based referral marketing structure forms the basis of this concept which helps individuals to have a fully supported system as a centralised system and there by helps in provision of health and wealth for themselves and their business followers.

Zestier Infotech is just not mere a company but it in actuality is a family, a global family with its soul aim of serving the people and improving the means of a healthy & prosperous lifestyle. It actually wants to make a contribution towards an overall success of humanity.

Thus the corporation came to start its mission of (HEALTH ,WEALTH AND HAPPINESS) by introducing its self styled health technology known as TFT ( Zestier FUSSION TECHNOLOGY)


Zestier Infotech is a company with its mission to form the supporting system for human health both physically and financially and hence to relieve the stresses both of poor health and of expenditures for treatment and healthy living via other sources. It has its aim to meet the demands of people around, to cater to their needs and to increase the means of healthy and wealthy living and hence to serve the community in general with its mission of (HEALTH, WEALTH AND HAPPINESS)


Zestier Infotech has its belief the concept of self-care evolution via which it aims to support millions of families both in terms of health and wealth, making zestierworld.com a source of good health and good wealth.

Zestier Infotech wants to become a household name by becoming a successful health supporting global company.

To achieve its mission, Zestier Infotech believes in having a set of basic principles and all decisions flow taking in consideration all these principles.